Album Review: L.O.U. -  "The South Side of Things" (prod. Big "O")

Album Review: L.O.U. - "The South Side of Things" (prod. Big "O")

New York rapper L.O.U. began his musical journey in 2011 when he released his debut mixtape "Let's Obliterate the Universe." He went on to drop two EPs "Life Through a Broken Hourglass" and "Devil on the Clouds" in 2012 and 2013 respectively with producer Maze Rockwell.

This past May, L.O.U. released his latest album, "The South Side of Things," via Vintage Soundz Productions. With the project produced by Orlando Big "O" Turner, "South Side of Things" embodies 12 reflective tracks about L.O.U.'s upbringings in South side Jamaica Queens and the challenges of reaching the next level as he progresses into the music industry.

On the tracks 'Meet the Parent' and 'South Side of Things,' L.O.U. lays out how his parents questioned his "lifestyle" of being a rapper. Both tracks cover L.O.U.'s disconnection with his mother and the lack of support from his father. Due to this misunderstanding, this made L.O.U. fight harder for his musical career. The title track features songstress Raye Cole on the hook.

'Who've Would of Thought' (featuring rapper Skyzoo) we hear L.O.U. rap over an upbeat tempo celebrating how far he's come in hip-hop and there's nothing holding him back from moving forward. L.O.U. declares on 'No Hold Backs' that he will not be stop from rising to the top.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album... the rawness and open honesty of it all. "The South Side of Things" is a pure manifestation of triumphing through life obstacles without letting those situations slow down your morale.

Positivity runs rampantly through this album while L.O.U. shares his story hoping it'll reach the masses to keep pushing for your own greatness. This positivity is definitely reflected in the track 'No Way - No How.'  L.O.U. exclaims to his listeners to never hold your down. 

"The South Side of Things" is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Follow L.O.U. on Twitter and Facebook. For now, listen to "South Side of Things" along with watching visuals from this album all below.

L.O.U. - 'Nothing's Gonna Get Me Down' (directed by. Al Cayne)

L.O.U. - 'Reflections' (directed by Max Concra Controverse)


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