Preview: Allen York to Release "Ghetto Gospel"

Preview: Allen York to Release "Ghetto Gospel"

After releasing his latest single, "Clue Tape/Screw Tape" back in October, hip hop artist Allen York left his fans wondering "what's next?"

York took a small hiatus to perfect his artistry to present us with an impeccable new visual entitled "Ghetto Gospel." Produced by Dom?, "Ghetto Gospel" is the next single from York's forthcoming album, "Project Telescope."

I asked the emcee what was his writing/development process for creating "Ghetto Gospel," and this is what Allen York shared with me:

"So this whole thing started with me watching this director's videos, and his eye for capturing things in such a intense manner. I knew I wanted to work with him. So I knew I had to craft a new record so fit the vibe that I wanted the video for. I was searching for beats for a little then my man Dom? played this beat sample on IG. I hit him about it and he was fronting I can't lie. Music industry stuff. So two weeks later he told me I could buy the beat. From there I kinda wanted to just talk some fly shit, that was my main goal. Give them bars with reality in it. So the vibe was set before I even wrote the record, writing it was kinda easy."

Allen York just shared via Instagram today he will release the music video to "Ghetto Gospel" in two days!

On another note, New Jersey producer Dizzy Rambunctious dropped a new single "Rollin' Stone" featuring Allen York. The track comes from his recently released album "Wond3rland."

The spring/summer is looking good for Yorkie!

Harlem born, Kissimmee bred, hip hop artist Allen York is just your semi-typical young man with dreams to spread his lyricism. Starting to rhyme at the tender age of 10 and putting out tapes at 15, has taken a lot of time for Allen York to get this point. With his unorthodox song making capability and approach to music as a whole, it's good to see someone who's more focused on the craft than the credit. The lyrics are simple enough to relate to, but complicated enough that you may catch something new every time. Allen's main objective is to make sure his cities are represented well, and that others may join him in making Orlando a hip hop power house.

View a snippet of the music video to "Ghetto Gospel" below.


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