New Video: Allen York - "Ghetto Gospel" / #100Fans

New Video: Allen York - "Ghetto Gospel" / #100Fans

Directed by CreativityQas, New York-based emcee Allen York released the music video to his new single "Ghetto Gospel."

"I wanted to go real simple. Great beat and great raps," Allen York shares with the release of "Ghetto Gospel." The track opens up with York calling out fake rappers boasting a lifestyle they don't live...

All these rappers do, is gossip and rock fake designer.
With no future, they couldn’t imitate designer.
Imitation rhymers.
Couldn’t pick you out a line up. 
I’m tryna make the hood great, while you making crimes up.
The mentality isn’t parallel.
Silver spoon rappers actin like they had to sell.
Was a dweeb who wanted friends, but would tattle tail.
Got knocked and mom and pops had the bail.

Via his official website, "Project Telescope" is expected to be release this fall, but we'll see/hear more  news from Allen York in the upcoming weeks.

Harlem born, Kissimmee bred, hip hop artist Allen York is just your semi-typical young man with dreams to spread his lyricism. Starting to rhyme at the tender age of 10 and putting out tapes at 15, has taken a lot of time for Allen York to get this point. With his unorthodox song making capability and approach to music as a whole, it's good to see someone who's more focused on the craft than the credit. The lyrics are simple enough to relate to, but complicated enough that you may catch something new every time. Allen's main objective is to make sure his cities are represented well, and that others may join him in making Orlando a hip hop power house.

Watch Allen York's music video to "Ghetto Gospel" below.

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