Ear Candy:  "Be Great" by Habit Blcx

Ear Candy: "Be Great" by Habit Blcx

Hip hop artist Habit Blcx is back with a new one entitled, "Be Great". Originally saved for his forthcoming album, Habit released "Be Great" after receiving influx of inquiries from fans looking to hear it after he performed the track at The Springs' "Resistant Event". 

"Be Great" is a triumphant track celebrating individuals overcoming obstacles to reach their fullest potential....
"We all have a story that we tell ourselves and that story can either hold us back or empower us. 'Be Great' is dedicated to those who have chosen an empowering story, who are deliberate in their creations, and believe in what they have to offer to world." - Habit Blcx
"Progress is Process 2" is steadily on the way! Habit shared via Instagram his songs are in the final stages of the mix/master and that we will soon see music videos dropping!

Listen to "Be Great" below.

Get to Know Habit Blcx:

Official Website - http://www.habitblcx.com/

Buy "Progress is a Process" Hats - https://habitblcx.bandcamp.com/merch


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