Ear Candy: 'Clue Tape/Screw Tape' by Allen York [prod. Ant Sheppard]

Ear Candy: 'Clue Tape/Screw Tape' by Allen York [prod. Ant Sheppard]

Rapper Allen York is back with a brand new single entitled 'Clue Tape/Screw Tape' from his forthcoming album, "Project Telescope." 

Produced by Ant Sheppard, York spit bars about racism, Black Lives Matter and questions the difference between the terrorist organization the KKK and the police department...

Shoot a n___ / Get praise, get acquitted
Kill a n___ / Get a raise, six digits 
I see it everyday
What difference between the KKK and the cop divisions?
[oh lawd]
I'm like Black Lives Matter though 
[oh lawd]
Old racism, new face

When expressing the essence behind his brand new single, York shares, "growing up in Florida and New York, I've always embraced both parts of my upbringing, I wanted to show both sides of the spectrum, but I really just wanted to rap..."

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Listen to Clue Tape/Screw Tape by Allen York below.

**If I got the lyrics wrong in the portion shared above, please send the correction because lyrics and I aren't best friends. [lol]**

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