Splendor in the Sun: Your Summer Beachwear 2016 Guide

Splendor in the Sun: Your Summer Beachwear 2016 Guide

photo credit: andrea iyamah

You've worked out all winter and now it's time to show off that new sexy, trimmed body! There's tons of independent/established swimwear companies you can choose from, but where should one begin? Here's a few selected swimwear brands you should wear this summer! 

Check 'em out below...

Andrea Iyamah / www.andreaiyamah.com
price range: $95 - $206
Strongly influenced by the brand's African heritage, Canadian-Nigerian born designer Dumebi Iyamah launched Andrea Iyamah in 2011 with the focused on selling ethnicity with a modern twist, while maintaining its attention to detail and cuts. 

The Andrea Iyamah team works together to ensure that stories are told through every piece created. The brand seeks to be a part of the memories of getaways through its designs and the opportunity for the A.I. woman to be a part of a cultural story in the attire she adorns herself with.

If you're looking for something edgy, colorful and amazing, Andrea Iyamah is your brand!

Note: This company from my selection is my top favorite.  

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Lybethras / www.lybethras.com
price range: $140 - $440
Founded by Luciana Martinez in 2007, Lybethras radiates beauty, sexy, unique and high quality Brazilian swimwear that will set you apart from everyone else's mass marketed and produced swimsuits. These handmade swimsuits boast teeny tiny cut-outs, sexy one pieces and playful hand woven crochet accents.

Martinez paired up with the non-profit Brazilian organization Servi to provide every crochet detail found on each bikini. The organization provides low income expectant mothers with skills to become financially independent, creating a sustainable mirco-economy for those most in need.

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Rue 107 / www.rue107.com
price range: $46 - $98
Marie Jean-Baptiste, inspired by the culturally rich and beautiful island of Haiti, created the oh-so stylish Rue 107 collection.  Rue 107 caters to curves without sacrificing the effortlessly chic beach look! Marie's designs are colorfully expressive and are constantly drawing inspiration from the cultural melting pot of New York and her Creole heritage.
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Karo Swimwear / www.karoswimwear.com
price range: $199 - $549
Created by Kasia Raginska, Karo Swimwear is breaking into the fashion industry with its flirty prints and chic cuts. Karo is a "high-end" collection of resort style swimwear inspired by natural stones, pearls and many other jewels. All designs are for custom orders to fit the owner perfectly.

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Bantu / www.bantuwax.com
price range: $92 - $165
With the mantra "Africa: cannot be contained," Ethiopian swimwear brand (headed by Yodit Eklund), Bantu exemplifies explosive colorful garments inspired by the rich history of African art and textiles with Africa's deeply rooted surf culture.
Bantu uses traditional processes and works exclusively with local vendors and artisans in Africa to make quality products that are functional and authentic for surfers, urban nomads and afro-punks. 
Note: Bantu is another favorite of mine!

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Here's a list of more swimwear companies you should discover: Monif C., Kamokin, Nakimuli, Zubaida Zang, Risque Dukes, and Winifred Taylor.
If you know of any other cool swimwear brands I should check out, share them in the comment section below!

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