Meet Bond Girl Eve: Naomie Harris covers InStyle UK Magazine

Meet Bond Girl Eve, played by actress Naomie Harris... 

Naomie Harris covers the November 2012 issue of InStyle UK Magazine.  You all may remember Harris as Tia Dalma/Calypso from the movie Pirates of The Caribbean, but on November 9th (out on October 26th in the UK), Harris will make her debut as the fifth African American Bond Girl in the latest James Bond series Skyfall.

The first official African American Bond Girl goes to actress Trina Parks. She made debut as Thumper alongside Sir Sean Connery in the movie Diamonds Are Forever (1971).  Next up we have Gloria Hendry.  Hendry played Rosie Carver alongside Roger Moore in the movie Live and Let Die (1973).

Eccentric singer Grace Jones took command as May Day in the movie A View to a Kill with Roger Moore (1985). And lastly, actress Halle Berry portrayed Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson alongside actor Pierce Brosnan in the movie Die Another Day (2002).

Does Naomie Harris measure up against the other Bond Girls?  We'll see on November 9th if she does...

Photographed by Lee Bromfield, the actress strikes a pose in fashion hits from stores including Topshop, All Saints, and ASOS.  I love leather, however some the garments Harris is wearing doesn't compliment her shape or maybe her poses are a bit awkward.

View the pictures, read the excerpts, and watch the behind-the-scenes footage below.

InStyle UK Magazine | Naomie Harris

On Keeping Up With Daniel Craig:

"He’s a very hot guy, definitely. He worked out for two hours every day after filming. He’s a real life Bond – very physical, capable and energetic."

On How She Finds Fed Carpet Dressing A Challenge: 

"I find it quite stressful. Sometimes you’re so pinned into dresses, you can hardly breathe and you feel awkward, but then when you find that amazing dress, it can change your whole experience."

On her hesitation of becoming the new Bond girl:

"When they asked me to audition, I thought, "Me, as a Bond Girl?" I just didn’t see it."

On her designer faves:

Cavalli and Erdem are two of my favorite designers and I love Gucci as well. I’m definitely getting more into fashion."

On whether she wants to have kids amidst her demanding career:

"I better get moving if I do want kids! This profession is pretty demanding. I don’t know if I could deal with a kid as well, but then many actresses do, so it can’t be that impossible....The first thing I would teach my children – should I be lucky enough to have any – is to be comfortable in your own skin and know that you’re worthy of being here and taking up space."

Bond Girl: Naomie Harris
InStyle UK Magazine, November 2012
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To find out when Skyfall will hit theaters in your country, follow this link:

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