Music Minute: Tinashe Signs with RCA Records

The music sensation known as Tinashe announced on her official Facebook page that she inked a deal with RCA Records. On July 9th, Tinashe landed in New York to meet with RCA executives to sign her first major record deal as a solo artist! RCA Records has artists like Brandy, Chris Brown, Whitney Houston, A$AP Rocky, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, and more on their roster. 

Tinashe chose to work with a major like RCA because the music label expressed a genuine understanding of her artistry...
I'm so excited, everyone! I really am. I love RCA-- of all the labels I met with they really seemed to understand "Tinashe" the artist the best. I just got back from New York City where I had the opportunity to spend some time getting to know the new team. They're AWESOME!

...I can't wait for what is to come and I'm so excited to embark on this new chapter of my journey as a solo artist! 
Thank you everyone, I love you so much xo 
- Tinashe

Watch Tinashe discuss what's yet to come in a special video below.

Tinashe | RCA Records Signing

With her critical acclaimed mixtape In Case We Die (download it here if you haven't) under her belt, what do you all expect/hope to hear from Tinashe next?

I had the pleasure of interviewing the young talent and I wish Tinashe the best of luck! The Cryptic Beauty is a proud supporter of you girly!! Much success and many blessings!

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