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Ear Candy: 'Fact And Friction' by The Nearly Deads

Official Website: http://www.thenearlydeads.com/

Alternative rock band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, The Nearly Deads, released a self-titled EP earlier this year with the lead single 'Fact and Friction'. Theresa Jeane is the daring vocalist/pianist of the group and I must say I loooovvvveeeee her voice! 

The moment I pressed play my ears opened up and I was very alarmed, but in a good way. I came across a lot of unsigned rock bands and their lead singer's vocals didn't serve the same high energy as Jeanne does...they were monotone, lifeless, and dull

You cannot orchestrate a rock band and have a dull lead singer! The Nearly Deads have nothing to worry about because Jeanne has a strong voice that can cross many ranges without straining.

The Nearly Deads EP, according to the band, "embodies heartfelt emotions, classical color, and a brilliant energy comparable only to the likes of No Doubt and the Smashing Pumpkins." 

The bands debut EP is available on iTunes and at other fine digital music retailers. Listen to the single 'Fact and Friction' by The Nearly Deads below:

The Nearly Deads | 'Facts and Friction'
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