Found: Beyoncé's "The Best Thing I Never Had" Wedding Gown

I told you all I would find it and by it, I mean this gorgeous wedding gown of Bey's!!

Thanks to fellow blogger, Erica Dukes, I found out who made the wedding gown for Beyoncé in her recent music video 'The Best Thing I Never Had'.

Have you seen the music video? If not, do so by going -- here.

When I found out the cost, I shed a little "thug tear"... I shouldn't be surprised, but my bank account would not allow me to buy or rent that dress. Friggin' gorgeous, but goodness my pockets.

Get the deets on Bey's wedding gown from the Diane Martel-directed music video for 'Best Thing I Never Had' below.

The wedding gown was custom made by Baracci Beverly Hills and renting a dress for a day from Baracci can cost you $25,000!!  Again, my bank account would not allow me to do that even if I had the money to do so I still wouldn't bite at it (who wants to window shop with me at Baracci?!)... Bey looks amazing nevertheless.

The reception dress is made by designer extraordinaire and one of my favorites, Vera Wang!!

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2 cryptic thoughts:

  1. I got a quote from Baracci for a very similar dress for my wedding with Gold embellishing and after some negotiating it came down to about $15,000 to BUY.

  2. That's madness!

    Well, I hope you have a blissful and beautiful wedding day!